Vegan Brownie Delivery

It’s our mission create the BEST vegan brownies

It’s hard to come by a good vegan brownie delivery service so about a year ago, we set about to make some amazing vegan brownies.

Not the sort of vegan brownies that are made with dates instead of sugar, and sweet potato instead of butter …the sort of vegan brownies that don’t need to be described as a ‘Vegan’ brownie, because they’re just amazing brownies in their own right!

Don’t get me wrong, dates can be great, healthy cakes can be great, but there’s a time and a place, and we don’t think a gooey, rich, indulgent chocolate brownie is the time or the place!

And even better, all our products are now gluten free, it’s not often you can get an amazing vegan and gluten free brownie!

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