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Say hello to Halloween with these spoooooky specials!

These are definitely a treat, not a trick!

Say hello to Halloween with these spoooooky specials!

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If you’re looking for a brownie delivery you’ve come to the right place! We’d love you to read a bit more about our journey. It’s always amazed me that you can walk into a cafe, market or food festival and buy a piece of cake that looks lovely but tastes so disappointing. I’ve always loved baking and I knew I could do better, so Simply Cake Co. was born.

What's Better than a Simply Cake Brownie? A 1.5kg Simply Cake Brownie!

A whole tray of super gooey brownie, topped with blood red ganache, googly eyes and spooky sprinkles. Serves 6.


Our customers have their favourites, however, sometimes it’s nice to try something new. Experience our latest sweet treats and you won’t be disappointed!