Frequently Asked Questions

Seasonal FAQs

Why is everything out of stock?

We’re taking a well-earned break!

We’ll restock the website on the 1st January (new flavours here we come!) and we’re back to the bakery on the 4th January (so the first orders might take slightly longer than usually as we’re not baking the same day!)

When do you open in the New Year?

We will start dispatching orders again on the 5th Jan – so if you’ve made an order between 21st Dec-4th Jan, it will be dispatched on the 5th Jan!

My order has been delayed, can you help?

We are working super hard to get everything dispatched from the bakery as quick as possible and we are keeping up with our usual turnaround times, however, Royal Mail is experiencing some very severe delays in some cases.

We recommend to every to use the upgraded service where possible.

Royal Mail is also working extremely hard so please be patient with us and them whilst we try to get your goodies to you as soon as possible.  Please only contact us if you haven’t received your order 7 working days after ordering.

For information on shelf life, please see the FAQs below under ‘Our Products’!


When will my order be posted?

We dispatch all orders the next working day if you order before 6pm.  The dispatch time is included in the 2-3 or 3-5 working days delivery quoted at checkout.  If you order after 6pm, your order will fall into the next day’s order and it will be 2-3 or 3-5 working days from the following day.

When should I order?

Currently, we advise ordering 3-5 WORKING days before you’d like to receive your brownies or 2-3 WORKING days for upgraded delivery, if you order by 6pm.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, delivery times have increased and unfortunately, this is outside of our control.  The above timings are estimates and not guaranteed.

Occasionally (more so during busy periods such as Easter and Christmas), the delivery time may increase by a day or two. Please contact us if your order hasn’t arrived two working days after expected.

Will it fit through my letterbox?

The majority of our products are designed to be letterbox friendly (for the average size letterbox!). If you order two or more boxes in one order, they will be combined into one larger parcel for delivery. If you wish them to be sent individually, please place separate orders.

If you want to order two boxes of 6 – why not order a ‘ build you own combo box’!  You will get a small discount AND they will still fit through the letterbox! 🙂

Our boxes of 6 brownies are: 3.3cm x 12cm x 28cm

Our boxes of 12 brownies are: 3.3cm x 12cm x 54cm

Can my order arrive on a specific day?

We’re unable to take pre-orders as everything is made fresh daily and we have a maximum daily capacity!  Please take a look at the ‘When should I order?’ FAQ above!

My delivery address is incorrect

Please take care when entering your delivery details. Unfortunately, if your order does not arrive due to the address on the order being incorrect, we cannot replace or refund your order. We may be able to offer you a discount voucher as we can understand this is frustrating for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have made an error.  If we receive your request before the order is dispatched, we will be able to change the address for you.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver all over the UK via Royal Mail and occasionally by courier for larger items. We do not currently deliver overseas.
Can I collect?

No, sorry!  We are primarily an online shop and do not have the facilities or space for collections currently.  We may be able to offer collections for large orders (wholesale or for events), please get in touch via the contact form to arrange this. We have very reasonable postage rates for smaller orders.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is £3.50 for standard delivery and £5.50 for upgraded delivery.

Can I place one order to go to multiple addresses?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.  We keep our prices really fair and don’t over-charge for delivery, so for each delivery address, you must place a new order.  

If you’re placing an order for anything over 10 boxes, please contact us via the contact form and we can arrange to process this manually for you.

Your Order

I've received a yummy delivery, but who is it from?!

Make sure you’ve fully opened the box as there’s probably a message stuck inside in the lid of the box!

Can I swap flavours?

In order to keep up with current demand, we’re unfortunately unable to swap flavours.  There’s lots of delicious mixes to choose from, and a ‘combo box’ which allows you to combine two mixes into one big box!

My order is wrong, can you help?

In the unlikely event that your order has been packed incorrectly, fill in the contact form here and we will get back to you ASAP!  Usually, you will hear back from us within 24hrs but it may be longer over the weekend or busy periods.  Please ensure you take a clear photo including all the brownies/bakes and the whole box! Please note; everything is made, packed and shipped by hand by a very small team – we are all human and mistakes can happen!

I’m not happy with my order, can you help?

In the very unlikely event that you are unhappy with your order, please fill in the contact form here.  Usually, you will hear back within 24hrs but it may be longer over the weekend.  We may ask for photos – please take a clear photo including all the brownies and the whole box! If the items need to be returned, we will arrange a pre-paid returns label. Replacements and refunds will be made on a case by case basis. Please note; everything is made, packed and shipped by hand by a very small team – we are all human and mistakes can happen!



How should I store them?

Store refrigerated but eat at room temperature!  Ensure to keep them airtight.  If you’re not going to be eating them in the first few days, we recommend popping them in the freezer to keep them as fresh as possible!

What's in my box?

You should receive a menu card with all the delicious flavours, the ingredients and allergens!  If this is missing from your box, send us a picture and we can let you know!

Do you include a receipt/paperwork in the box?

No!  Most of our customers order our brownies as a gift, therefore, we never include paperwork in the box!  We also take care not to print anything unnecessarily! You will receive all paper work by email!

Corporate orders, Weddings and Events

Can I make a large corporate order?

Yes!  We can personalise the boxes with messages and your logo.  Please see our corporate gifts page for information, photos and prices, we can accommodate orders from 10 boxes to 4000 or more! 


Weddings and Events

Speak to our wedding specialist Amy to see what we can offer for your wedding or event – think dessert tables and brownie mountains!

Please e-mail weddings@simplycakeco.com to find out more!

allergens & ingredients

Do you do gluten-free brownies and cakes?

YES! ALL our brownies and cakes are actually gluten-free and you wouldn’t be able to tell! We have a fully gluten-free facility, so everything is made in a gluten-free environment! We chose to do this because it means we can be confident there’s no cross-contamination.

If gluten-free is done ‘right’, you can’t tell the difference, and that’s what we aim for every time; most of our loyal customers have no idea!

Just to double-check, we have had some products lab tested and they came back with no traces of gluten.

Do you make dairy-free or vegan brownies?

YES! We have an amazing vegan selection, we are so proud of it!  The vegan side to the business is growing rapidly so we hope to be able to expand this range soon!  It’s not often that you find a vegan and gluten-free range that isn’t made out of blended dates and nuts!  You won’t find that here, our vegan selection is an indulgent treat that anyone would enjoy!

What ingredients do you use?

We only use the best quality ingredients, including local free-range eggs, proper Belgian chocolate, real butter, and the one that everyone’s surprised to hear – East Anglian Pea flour!  In our vegan range, we use a lovely couverture free-from chocolate.

What allergens are in my brownies?

We handle the following allergens on site at the bakery:


You will receive a full list of allergens and ingredients with your box, alternatively, take a look at the allergens page!

Are any of your products Halal?

Unfortunately, the majority of our products contain flavourings that are alcohol-based, therefore, are not Halal.


Can I pre-order a subscription?

The short answer to this is no!  All our orders are processed the next working day, so if you order a subscription on a Monday, it will be dispatched from the bakery on Tuesday!  

When is the next box sent?

If your first box is ordered on the 12th of one month, for example, the renewal order will go through on the 12th of the next month!

How are payments taken?

When you sign up, the payment is taken for the first month, and then you will be billed automatically to the same card (/PayPal account) for your renewal order the next month.  There is no option to pay up front.

Do the subscriptions automatically end?

It depends on which option you sign up for!  If you sign up for a 3/6 month subscription, then payments will stop after this time automatically.  If you sign up for a monthly specials subscription, you will need to log into your account and cancel the subscription if you would like to cancel it.  If you have any problems with subscription payments, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

What happens if my subscription renews whilst you are closed for Christmas?

If your subscription renewal comes through between 20th – 31st December, we will send it out at the beginning of January but don’t worry you will still get to try the Christmas flavours!

Can I use a gift card on a subscription?

You can redeem a voucher against the first subscription payment, but subsequent subscription payments will be debited from your bank card, even if there is a remaining balance on your gift card – therefore, we recommend using gift cards for one-off purchases.


How long do they last?

Our cakes will last about 2 weeks if they are wrapped up well. We say 10 days on receipt, to allow for delivery time.

Where can I buy your cakes?

You can order online at any time, or find us at local events such as the King’s Lynn Farmers’ markets.  For local customers, we also have a local delivery service, click here for more information. 

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We work very hard to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. We only film-wrap products where necessary and most orders are wrapped in our biodegradable greaseproof paper and our kraft boxes which are also recyclable. Our new custom mailing bags are not only show-stoppingly-pink, but they’re also fully recyclable and can go in your normal recycling bin! We are always striving to improve this and welcome any suggestions.

How big are your brownie/boxes?

All our brownies are ‘full-sized’ (about 4cm x 10cm) rather than ‘bite-sized’ unless clearly stated in the description.

6 brownies/3 cookies box dimensions: 3.3cm x 12cm x 28cm

12 brownies/6 cookies box dimensions: 3.3cm x 12cm x 54cm

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